Creative Éclair

Chocolate-Hazelnut Mousse Éclair Recipe


Working Method

Chocolate Hazelnut Crumbles

MIx Mimetic, brown sugar, cacao powder, flour and PatisFrance Amandes Rapées. Use a sieve to make small pieces. Bake it at 170°C/170°C for 15 mins. Melt and temper the chocolate, and pour it on the crumbles and PatisFrance Amandes Hachées, then mix well. Spread the crumbles on the tray.

Chocolate Custard

In the mixing bowl with a whisk attachment mix the Cremyvit and water at high speed for five minutes.

Melt the chocolate to 35ºC and pour it into the mixing bowl. Soak gelatin powder in the water to make gelatin mass.

When you melted the gelatin mass, pour it into the custard, then mix well.

Pipe 20 gr per mold. Sprinkle 5gr crumbles on the custard. Then freeze it.

Amber Hazelnut Mousse

Prepare gelatin mass first by soaking gelatin powder in water and then melting it.

Bring milk to boil, then add gelatin mass, and pour into chocolate and PatisFrance Praliné Piémont 62%.

Use a hand blender to mix it well.

Cooldown to 30°C. Fold gradually with whipped cream and Festipak.

Cocoa Biscuit

Mix all the ingredients (except butter) into a mixing bowl with a whisk for 5min.medium speed. Add melted butter (40C) and mix it at low speed till it’s homogeneous. Pour 600 gr batter on the 60*40cm tray. Bake it 200C/160C for12min.

Chocolate Ganache Coating

Prepare gelatin mass first by soaking gelatin powder in water and then melting it.

Bring milk, cream and glucose to a boil, then add gelatin mass, and pour on to the chocolate.

Use a hand blender to mix the ganache till it's homogeneous.


Pipe chocolate custard in the long rectangular silicon mold. Evenly sprinkle some crumbles on the custard and freeze them.

Pipe mousse in the eclair-shaped silicon mold. Insert the frozen custard.

Then cut the biscuit with a cookie dough cutter and place the disc biscuit on the top of the mousse.

Freeze the mousses, after it sets, unmold the mousses.

Spray the colored cacao butter and place a white chocolate decoration on the top.

The story behind the creative Éclair

Let your customers indulge with a creative Éclair. By keeping the same look of an éclair but playing with the textures of your creations, you can surprise your customers with a creative éclair that will leave them mesmerized long after enjoying it!

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