Trois Chocolats Creative


Working Method

Castella Batter
Whip the Tegral Castella, eggs and honey for approximately 8 minutes on high speed (Density between 40-43). Add the oil and Tegral Castella mix for 1 minute on slow speed. Spread the batter out on a Silpain until you reach 7 mm thickness and bake.

Crunchy Layer
Heat the Pralicrac until it reaches a temperature of 27° C. Divide the Castella cake in two and spread 250 g out on one side. Place the second layer on top and let set. Cut squares of 4x4 cm and keep aside.

Liquid Insert
Mix the water with the Deli Salted Caramel till a smooth texture. Mould chocolate bolls in the milk chocolate and let set. Pipe the salted caramel inside the bolls and place in the freezer.

White Chocolate Mousse
Boil the Festipak and pour it over the chocolate and cocoa butter. Mix until it is smooth and homogeneous. Whip the Passionata until you obtain an airy texture. When the temperature of the chocolate mixture reaches 32° C, add the whipped Passionata. Pipe 65 g in a square mould and place the chocolate boll and castella square inside. Freeze.

Create with the chocolate the decoration elements and place on top of the snowman for End Of Year Festivities.

Trois Chooclats Creative

Introducing our extraordinary creation, the Snowman-inspired Trois Chocolats just in time for the holiday season. In this version, we have added a melting salted caramel centre, creating a unique and indulgent taste and texture experience. With each bite, your customers will savor the rich layers of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate mousse, complemented by the luscious caramel filling that oozes out. The enchanting blend of flavors and the whimsical snowman design make this cake an unforgettable centerpiece for their festive celebrations.

Enjoy the End of Year festivities with this creative snowman!