Lemon Meringue Tart Creative


Working Method

Short crust

In a mixing bowl with a paddle attachment mix all ingredients into ahomogenous dough.

Laminate to 2.5mm. Cut a disc that will fit the bottom of the mousse dependingon the silicone mold used.

Lemon mousse

Pre-soak the gelatin and water for at least 15min. before using.

Warm-up the deli lemon pie and the gelatin to 30°c.

Fold the lightly whipped Passionata.

Pipe into the silicone mold and freeze.

Lemon jelly

Mix the agar and sugar together, add it into the water and starfruit and let it soakfor 15mn.

Bring the mix to a boil and let it simmer for 2min.

Pour on a silicon mat and let cool down.

Italian Meringue

Cook the sugar and the water to 116-121C and pour on the lightly whipped egg


Keep whipping at medium speed until room temperature.

On baking paper draw circles 1cm smaller than the disc of shortcrust used in the

bottom of the mousse.

Flip over the baking paper and pipe the meringue following the line drawn.


Warm-up the glaze in between 35 to 40°C

Add few drops of yellow food coloring or Curcuma powder to color it.

Use an immersion blender to eliminate the air bubble.

Apply the glaze on the mousse at -18 to -20°C


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