Puratos’ Taste Tomorrow research predicts five game-changing trends in bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors for the Irish market

15 Feb 2024

Puratos Ireland, unveiled industry trends and consumer preferences at its Taste Tomorrow event in Dublin, Ireland, on Thursday, February 8th 2024.

The proprietary Taste Tomorrow research program utilizes a diverse range of data sources, including surveys of over 20,000 consumers across 50 countries and interviews with industry experts, to uncover and track shifts in consumer demands and preferences. Thanks to the deeper insights enabled by Taste Tomorrow’s advanced digital technologies, including semantic artificial intelligence (AI), Puratos can more accurately predict the future trajectory of these trends, giving food manufacturers an unparalleled understanding of their markets.

Ireland’s inaugural Taste Tomorrow event was dedicated to the future of food, welcoming guests from the bakery, sweet bakery and patisserie industries. From insightful presentations to inspiring finished good samplings, the event served as a melting pot of ideas, relating to health, innovation, and sustainability.

The Puratos team were thrilled to share the latest data analysis from Taste Tomorrow of the Irish market, revealing trends relating to Innovation, Conscious Consumption and Holistic Health. For Irish consumers, we found the following strongest trends that are ones to watch:

Gut Health: The Gut Brain Axis

One of the strongest data points to come from the Irish market was the understanding and prioritisation of gut health. 78% have an interest in food products that improve gut health - and not just fibres. 72% agree that biotics are trusted ingredients to improve digestion. Irish consumers also have a greater understanding on the gut-mind connection, as they believe that improving gut health will positively impact the immune system and mental wellbeing. We predict a continued rise in the Irish market seeking foods with specific health benefits, so front-of-pack claims will be critical for differentiation.

How can you be part of this wellness revolution in bakery? The answer lies in enriching your portfolio with products that carry gut health claims and benefits. Need inspiration? Explore our carefully curated range of ingredients at Puratos Happy Gut. Crafted with precision, these ingredients, including natural prebiotic fiber and dried wheat bran sourdough, not only elevate the nutritional value of your creations but also empower you to make gut health claims that resonate with your health-conscious customers.

Sourdough and Fermentation

60% of Irish consumers perceive sourdough bread to be more healthy than other breads. While the reality of this connection is yet to be determined, consumer perception is still very critical in buying behaviour.

We are also seeing rise in the use of sourdough and fermented ingredients beyond bread and into sweet patisserie with examples found including croissants, cookies and doughnuts from Irish artisans.

Imagine infusing its goodness into baguettes, croissants, and an array of other bakery delights. Explore our expansive Sourdough range at Puratos Sourdough for a treasure trove of possibilities that cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of your health-conscious customers.

Local Ingredients & Production

Consumers perceive food made with local ingredients to have a positive impact on the environment, and also healthier. Consumers are also mainly motivated to dine at foodservice/restaurants with the intention of supporting local businesses.

Fair Price for producers/farmers

When looking for more sustainable options in bakery, patisserie and chocolate food products, the Irish consumer prioritises ensuring a fair price/fair living income is paid towards producers and farmers.

Our Cacao-Trace Sustainable Cocoa program helps build a truly sustainable future for chocolate and cocoa-based products and everyone involved. Through our Quality Premium and Chocolate Bonus, we ensure our Cacao-Trace farmers enjoy better revenue, with an additional 2 to 5 months of income. Browse our range of Cacao-Trace certified chocolate by Belcolade.

Innovative tastes/textures and flavour combinations

The Irish consumer is seeking out new innovative flavours and textures, but inspired by classics. 69% of consumers like to have a familiar element when trying new types of food. We’ve seen a rise of interest in the New York Roll (inspired by the croissant) along with exotic and sour flavours such as passionfruit and lemon. Limited time offers on seasonal flavours or promotional items are most interesting, providing consumers with something new often.

Discover our Patisserie range for products that add flavour, improve texture and provide visual appeal to consumers.

Guest Speakers on Gut Health and Sustainable Innovation

One of the highlights of Taste Tomorrow was the lineup of esteemed guest speakers who shared their expertise on two crucial topics: gut health and sustainable innovation.

Irina Baych, Global Product Manager for Health & Wellbeing at Puratos, shed light on the intricate relationship between food and the gut microbiome, emphasizing the importance of incorporating functional ingredients and probiotics into food products.

Jo Libens, Director of Fruit at Puratos, discussed why we should rethink our food system with more sustainable innovation, providing a roadmap for product innovation, reflecting on Puratos’ own fruit filling range that offers some healthier and more sustainable solutions.

A Marketplace of Inspiring Finished Goods

After an engaging morning of presentations, attendees were treated to a vibrant marketplace where they could experience the future of food firsthand. The bustling atmosphere was filled with innovative creations, as our Technical Advisory team showcased a diverse range of finished goods across bakery, patisserie and chocolate.

For additional information about Taste Tomorrow and to stay informed about the latest trends in bakery, patisserie and chocolate, visit Taste Tomorrow!