Explore Cacao-Trace's Latest Achievements in Sustainable Cocoa Impact

Embark on a journey where Great Taste meets Doing Good. Our Cacao-Trace Sustainable Cocoa Program is dedicated to creating a truly sustainable future for the cocoa chain and everyone involved. Discover the profound impact Cacao-Trace is bringing to cocoa farmer communities, our customers, your consumers, and the planet. 

Empowering farmers, transforming lives

With Cacao-Trace, our commitment extends beyond high-quality cocoa beans. Together with our customers, we empower cocoa farmers and create a lasting impact on cocoa communities. Through the Quality Premium and Chocolate Bonus mechanisms, we ensure Cacao-Trace farmers enjoy better revenue, adding 2 to 5 months of income. In 2023 alone, the Chocolate Bonus reached €2.4M, benefiting 23,247 farmer families across 8 countries. 

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The Chocolate Bonus, given back 100% to cocoa farmers through direct payments and community projects contributed to life-changing impacts for the cocoa communities. In 2023, the Cacao-Trace Program supported transformative projects, shaping brighter futures for the children of our cocoa farmers with the completion of 12 school projects and providing consistent access to clean, drinkable water year-round for cocoa farmers’ communities by building 46 water equipment. 

Cultivating a sustainable tomorrow for the cocoa chain

Cultivating a sustainable tomorrow for the cocoa chain

By compensating part of our CO2 emissions through a “Carbon in setting program” within our cocoa supply chain, we intend to further decrease our carbon footprint and support cocoa farmers in building more climate-smart – resilient farms. Today we are already active in 6 Cacao-Trace programs with agroforestry and climate-smart farming initiatives and aim at planting 3,4 million trees by 2030. Explore more about our commitment to a sustainable planet.

Empowering your business, enhancing sustainability

The success of Cacao-Trace and its meaningful impact lie in a collaborative journey that empowers our communities, customers, and partners to bring delectable chocolate with peace of mind to chocolate lovers. 

We empower our customers with a competitive edge, tapping into the accelerated growth of sustainable cocoa-based products, with 68% of consumers wanting food products from sustainable farming methods (Taste Tomorrow study, 2023). We are committed to sustainability to ensure chocolatiers, pastry chefs, and bakers have access to exceptional cocoa-based products that align with customer trends. The Cacao-Trace unique approach enhances product value and storytelling, leading to bringing delectable chocolate with peace of mind to chocolate lovers. Explore how your commitment to a more sustainable chocolate chain elevates both your chocolate-based creations and consumer satisfaction.

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