Mint Cupcakes


Satin Crème Cake Mix Plain | Patisserie 1.000 kg
Egg 0.300 kg
Oil 0.300 kg
Water 0.135 kg
Classic Mint 0.090 kg
Argenta Combo 0.130 kg
Icing sugar 0.370 kg
Classic mint 0.050 kg
Citric Acid Solution (50/50) 0.004 kg
Sweetsnow 0.001 kg
Edible silver dust 0.001 kg
total 2.381


  • Using a planetary mixer & beater mix the Satin Crème Cake Plain Mix, eggs, oil, water & classic, for 1 min on slow, scrape down.
  • Mix for 3 mins on medium. Deposit the batter into lined cupcake trays at 50g, bake at 160˚C for 20-25 mins.
  • Combine the frosting ingredients & mix 1 min on slow then4 mins on medium.
  • Deposit 50g of the frosting over the cooled cakes, sprinkle with Sweetsnow & edible silver dust.