Improving the quality of life of young people

At Puratos, we believe in contributing to the countries in which we operate. Be it sharing our knowledge and skills with the less fortunate or investing in sustainable programmes that safeguard biodiversity and improve the living conditions of the local people.

Bakery Schools for a better future

When Puratos started operating in India, we noticed many kids on the streets. These were youngsters with little hope for the future. Their parents were earning minimal wages and had no possibility to invest in their children's education.

At the same time, we noticed that it was challenging for us to find qualified technical advisors. And also or costumers faced serious shortages of skilled bakers, patissiers or chocolatiers.

In order to help those who are less fortunate and to teach them the skills they need to work in our industry, we decided to open a bakery school. The courses have been designed to take pupils beyond basic education and to give them the practical training needed to make a decent living. The programme also includes periods of internship in various companies during which the students are paid. We also commit to employ graduates on the basis of their merit in our subsidiaries, or to find work for them among our customers.

Today the Bakery School Foundation has invested in bakery schools in India, Brazil, Mexico and South-Africa. Others will open soon. By 2030 we aspire to continuously enable 1.000 young people from developing countries to live their passion in one of our bakery schools.